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Ceramic culture and folk culture

time:2014-08-20 17:41 source:admin

Ceramic is a kind of art, is also a kind of folk art, folk culture, as a result, it had close relations with folk culture, show a strong folk culture characteristics, widely reflect people's social life, the world is in our country and our people's aesthetic concept, aesthetic value and aesthetic appeal and aesthetic pursuit. Our people have a good tradition, no matter in what age, what kind of situation, all love life, the pursuit of happiness, harmonious and good luck. Thus, performance is festival, happy auspicious, and since ancient times today, has always been an important subject of the ceramic and the cultural features of a basic.

Auspicious subjects, mainly around the \"fu, lu, shou, joy, harmony and prosperity\", etc. Accordingly, when choosing moral subject performance, often choose some things as follows: class, often choose phoenix (the king of the birds, the symbol of how great your, prosperous, phoenix together, love yu), crane (a noble, pure, \"the longevity), Chinese bulbul, magpie, mandarin duck, the eagle; Taken classes, often choose the peony (the king of flowers, the symbol of wealth and prosperity), lotus symbol (elegant), lotus flower, plum blossom, chrysanthemum; In herbs class, often choose bluegrass (of the sweet face, LAN yu Sun Guizi), ganoderma lucidum (symbol of longevity) bamboo class, pine (symbolizing longevity, integrity), bamboo, bamboo and wish homophones, moral centenarians chi xi, best life of ankang), days of bamboo (yu tianzhu, moral day wish peace, day wish dressing); Commonly used in red fruits, peach (often called peach, symbolize longevity), pomegranate (symbol of blessing, pomegranate open of the ancient philosophers said); In animals, often choose, dragons (king, authority, a symbol of auspicious), lions (the lion and division, poem homophones, symbol of power and general family heirloom), deer (LuLu homonyms); And well used in algae, fish, carp, carp and homophones, fish with abundant harmonics, moral tengda, rich), mandarin fish (salmon) with you, in addition, the auspicious theme in conventional, has formed the one whole set of unique symbolic pattern system. Lotus, such as lotus birth (baby), live long and proper (bat life of words), bamboo report peaceful firecrackers (children), prosperity (children riding a white elephant of luck), beaming (plum magpie), in the front (bats, magpie), six contract spring (LuHe, plum blossom), kirin SongZi (children riding a unicorn), year after year to spare (lotus, fish), five sub-ka (five children), cheongwan blessing (tiangong, bat), wufu holding longevity (five bats around the life of words), live long and prosper (a group of bats, heap peach), fu and shou (old man ride a deer with peach), mago offer shou (mago bear peach basket), fish jump, sunrise (order of the phoenix, the sun), red phoenix in morning in extremely good fortune (dragon and phoenix).

Auspicious consciousness, also is very long. As early as Monday, with the phoenix modelling appeared in the shells of jade. Legend, when the shang king zhou will be dead, king wen of zhou xing, people will face the phoenix said XianWang to the good wishes, in the \"fengming in western zhou dynasty zones\", is a reflection of this kind of legend.

Chinese ancient social units of blood relationship and on this basis, formed a corresponding's hometown. Therefore, the desire to uphold, conversion of prosperity and prosperity has become a common social psychology. There are many such content in the auspicious theme. Auspicious theme, and the ancients has close relation to natural worship of primitive belief. As some cloud patterns and fish lines, has close relationship with praise of nature. The emergence of auspicious birds benevolent and caress all our people, and everything with the rhythm of a reflection. The generation of auspicious theme is a sign of national psychology, is also a kind of ethnic culture and philosophy. Is the greatest influence on Chinese national psychology and culture of Confucian philosophy. Confucianism is the unity of nature and man, don't think the relationship between human and nature is a kind of antagonistic relationship, but a relation of affinity, endowed with flowers, birds, insects, fish, animal with auspicious meaning, is the performance of this affinity relationship. In addition, like birds, which zha the sea, the dragon boat, female longevity, performance in jingdezhen is also often the subject of ceramic art also widely focused on social life and social phenomenon, as well as the vast nature, and has a very distinct close to reality, kiss the rational character of nature. So, want to appreciate the art of ceramic, you need to understand the Chinese philosophy, religion and national psychology, also should have a certain culture, music, dance, artistic accomplishment, etc. Otherwise, it is difficult to grasp the aesthetic characteristics of ceramic art. Theory of ceramic art deco and Chinese traditional cultural artifacts, there are many decorations. Chinese ceramics in the development of several thousand years, closely linked to the decoration and implements, formed the unique style of ceramic culture. On people's aesthetic diversity today, as China for thousands of years history and culture of ceramic art more and more get the favour of people, modern ceramic art decoration on the basis of traditional ceramic art deco update and development, not only promoted the modern ceramic art decoration in creative direction and form of expression, expression to a higher artistic state of the economy, and the \"blossoms bright, vientiane coexist\", its new ideas, unique creative, rich materials and exquisite production technique to form the unique craft painting form. More emphasis on modern ceramic art decoration works to the person's mental and psychological effects, and artists in their own design concept, will be more new connotation into the order of ceramic art decoration works.

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